UNITe Stands Against Abuse

eMedia Holdings’ UNITe initiative recently launched a new campaign to highlight the effects of abuse against women and children in South Africa. Utilising two powerful Public Service Announcements (“PSAs”), the aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the long-term damage caused by all forms of abuse.

Abuse is an issue that all South African communities grapple with on a daily basis. Horrific examples of abuse frequently make the news, but UNITe felt the issue needed to be highlighted outside of the traditional news cycle. The campaign highlights not only physical, but emotional and verbal abuse as well – as these forms of abuse often underpin the on-going cycle.

The Group’s in-house Creative Services department were commissioned to create the PSAs and decided to approach the brief differently. The PSAs’ creative direction was overseen by Brandon Heyburgh in conjunction with the Group’s CSR Officer Mathari Makgatho, and directed and produced by Celeste Saville.

View the PSAs below:

UNITe Against Abuse – Promo 1

UNITe Against Abuse – Promo 2

Television is a powerful platform and eMedia Holdings strives to use it responsibly. Valuable commercial airtime has been earmarked throughout our schedules to share and reiterate this important message on e.tv, eNCA and on our channels on the OpenView HD platform.

The campaign hopes to spark conversations around abuse and encourage victims and communities to speak out. The PSAs will be broadcast extensively throughout November and December 2015.