Transformation (B-BBEE)

eMedia Holdings places critical importance on the role of transformation in South Africa’s business community. The Group envisions a business community that is reflective of the country’s demographic profile with a vision to improve the economy in all sectors. Transformation is monitored and managed within a governance framework which includes the social and ethics committee which operates at an eMedia Investments level as well as employment equity forums that sit at a business unit level.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”)

The Group’s B-BBEE performance is evaluated and consolidated at an HCI level on an annual basis. This year HCI achieved a Level 3 B-BBEE rating.

The following companies are included on the latest HCI B-BBEE certificate: eMedia Holdings, eMedia Investments,,, Yired (YFM), Sasani Africa, Platco Digital, Sabido Properties, Media Film Service, Moonlighting Films, Searle Street Post Productions t/a Refinery Cape Town, Open News, eMedia Content and Silverline Studios.

Click here to download the latest B-BBEE certificate.
Click here to download the latest B-BBEE Compliance Report.

Employment Equity

The Group strives to reduce and eliminate the inequalities from the past legacies. To this end the company commits to adopt employment equity policies and strategies to:

  • Achieve equal opportunity in the workplace.
  • Overcome discrimination through training and development.
  • Ensure that employment equity becomes an integral strategic component of staff development.
  • Ensure elimination of workplace discrimination and social prejudice.
  • Set realistic targets and ensure measures are put in place to achieve them. and eNCA have established employment equity forums (“EEF”) to assist the company in promoting the EE objectives.

Employee Relations

eMedia Holdings and its subsidiaries place a high value on employees as stakeholders in the business and recognise that people don’t work in a vacuum. To help manage and maintain good working relationships companies have implemented strong employee relationship policies that guide these relationships.

Non-discrimination in the workplace is a cornerstone of the Group’s philosophy and code of conduct. Reporting and investigating discriminatory incidents are firmly established within normal grievance and disciplinary procedures. In the spirit of supporting and developing their employees and eNCA have implemented a bursary programme to assist with the education of employees’ children from grade R up to high school. This benefit is applicable to biological, step and adopted children of employees. The companies endeavour to grant assistance to all qualifying employees based on a means test.