Our Companies

  • Broadcast

    The broadcasting companies of eMedia Holdings include two of South Africa’s most well-known television channels, e.tv and eNCA. In October 2013 e.tv launched its free DTH multi-channel offering, OpenView HD through its sister company Platco.

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    The content companies of eMedia Holdings produce and acquire content to license and sell to third parties. Each company has carved a niche for itself in the content environment and specialises in providing the highest quality content in its respective field.

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    Properties and Facilities

    eMedia Holdings holds a number of property assets across South Africa, which are predominantly occupied by companies within the Group. Services offered by this segment include broadcast and television studios, post-production facilities, equipment rental and sales.

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    e.tv Sabido Properties
    eNCA Sasani Studios
    Openview Silverline 360
    Open News
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