Ethics Line

Our organisation acts pro-actively in addressing unethical behaviour, theft, fraud or related activity and has thus joined forces with Whistle Blowers to fight such practices.

Whistle Blowers aims to enhance an honest work ethic and simultaneously provide employees and other third parties with a mechanism to bring any unethical business practices to the attention of management. The hotline operates 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. Our independent Internal Audit department receives a regular analysis of the calls and objective investigations are launched where necessary.

To use the Whistle Blowers Ethics Line, please follow the steps as set out below:

STEP 1. Dial 0800 11 11 67 toll-free from any Telkom telephone.

STEP 2. You may remain anonymous. Provide full details in respect of the fraudulent, corrupt or unethical practice to the call operator.

– Who is involved or doing what?

– What has happened?

– How is it done?

– Where is it done? – exact location

– When was the incident observed? – dates & times

– Value involved? – estimated monetary value

STEP 3. You will be given a reference number by the operator. Keep this confidential, as you will need this number for follow-up (calls at a later date to add additional information to the original report) and/or feedback (call requesting feedback on the matter reported) purposes.

Alternative reporting avenues:

Toll Free Fax: 0800 212 689

SMS: 33490







Blow The Whistle Online:

Anonymity is encouraged – confidentiality is paramount