The Dreamfields Project uses the power of football in South Africa to leverage significant investment in soccer facilities and equipment for township and rural schools. In addition, Dreamfields distributes Dream Bags to schools in previously disadvantaged areas across the country. A Dream Bag consists of a full kit for 15 players including boots and shin pads, as well as balls, pumps, a kit for the coach and whistles.

Dreamfields also builds fields in underprivileged areas. In 2013 UNITe provided financial assistance to help build a “Dreampitch” for the community residing in Factreton in the Western Cape.

In 2014 UNITe joined forces with Dreamfields again, teaming up with Sabi Sabi to reconstruct the Lilydale soccer and netball fields. Situated near the Kruger National Park and approximately 20 km from Hazyview, the Lilydale community is a poor rural community. This intervention by UNITe and other partners has assisted in establishing goodwill in the community.

The Lunch Box Fund

The Lunchbox Fund


For the last two years UNITe has been the charity partner of e.tv’s Charity Showdown football tournament. All the proceeds of this tournament are donated to The Lunchbox Fund. The remarkable results of this relationship have developed into a more focused long-term strategy. eMedia’s strategic direction on education and the Lunchbox Fund’s vision of feeding hungry schoolchildren provides the ideal partnership for both organisations.

The Lunchbox Fund fosters education via nutrition. The organisation provides a daily meal for orphaned and vulnerable schoolchildren in townships and rural areas. This encourages children to stay in school and obtain their education. The vision is for children to attend school and receive an education without the distraction of food scarcity and malnutrition.


New-Building-finalFour-star rating design and As Built building

eMedia Holdings most recent stand-out feature is the completion of a four-star green-rated building in Cape Town. Occupied towards the end of 2015, the building is the regional head office for the Group.

The Green Building Council SA uses Green Star SA rating tools to provide an objective measurement of green buildings in South Africa. Independent assessors are used to evaluate submissions and allocate points based on the green measures that have been implemented. Certification is awarded for four-star, five-star or six-star Green Star SA ratings.

Green building incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and people. Green buildings are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.


The building incorporates a number of eco-friendly features which include a recycling initiative, reduction of the use of municipal water, the use of green materials such as low volatile organic compound (“VOC”) and formaldehyde components, energy efficient lighting and electrical systems such as LED lighting, motion sensors, timers and double glazing on the windows.

Carbon footprint measurement

A greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions report is the basis for accounting emissions-related risks and opportunities for the Group. The Group continues to report in terms of GHG Protocol and CO2 e ton, the universal unit measure. e.tv and eNCA have participated in carbon reporting structures over the past four years.

Early assessments recorded varied results as a consequence of sparse information gathering. The quality of reporting has greatly improved and therefore a more accurate report was provided for the 2014/2015 fiscal. For the first time, Sasani Studios was included in the assessment.

The commitment to carbon reporting forms part of eMedia’s goal to reduce carbon emissions or reduce the consumption of resources. The Group understands that sustainability reporting plays an important role in a successful business strategy. The information gathered and reported on is critical to implementing sustainable development for the company and the communities it impacts. eMedia Holidings has continued to improve the quality of its reporting standards and address issues of environmental and social sustainability.

To view our latest Carbon Footprint Measurement Findings refer to page 35 of the Integrated Annual Report 2015

Transformation (B-BBEE)

eMedia Holdings places critical importance on the role of transformation in South Africa’s business community. The Group envisions a business community that is reflective of the country’s demographic profile with a vision to improve the economy in all sectors. Transformation is monitored and managed within a governance framework which includes the social and ethics committee which operates at an eMedia Investments level as well as employment equity forums that sit at a business unit level.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”)

The Group’s B-BBEE performance is evaluated and consolidated at an HCI level on an annual basis. This year HCI achieved a Level 3 B-BBEE rating.

The following companies are included on the latest HCI B-BBEE certificate: eMedia Holdings, eMedia Investments, e.tv, eSat.tv, Yired (YFM), Sasani Africa, Platco Digital, Sabido Properties, Media Film Service, Moonlighting Films, Searle Street Post Productions t/a Refinery Cape Town, Open News, eMedia Content and Silverline Studios.

Click here to download the latest B-BBEE certificate.
Click here to download the latest B-BBEE Compliance Report.

Employment Equity

The Group strives to reduce and eliminate the inequalities from the past legacies. To this end the company commits to adopt employment equity policies and strategies to:

  • Achieve equal opportunity in the workplace.
  • Overcome discrimination through training and development.
  • Ensure that employment equity becomes an integral strategic component of staff development.
  • Ensure elimination of workplace discrimination and social prejudice.
  • Set realistic targets and ensure measures are put in place to achieve them. e.tv and eNCA have established employment equity forums (“EEF”) to assist the company in promoting the EE objectives.

Employee Relations

eMedia Holdings and its subsidiaries place a high value on employees as stakeholders in the business and recognise that people don’t work in a vacuum. To help manage and maintain good working relationships companies have implemented strong employee relationship policies that guide these relationships.

Non-discrimination in the workplace is a cornerstone of the Group’s philosophy and code of conduct. Reporting and investigating discriminatory incidents are firmly established within normal grievance and disciplinary procedures. In the spirit of supporting and developing their employees e.tv and eNCA have implemented a bursary programme to assist with the education of employees’ children from grade R up to high school. This benefit is applicable to biological, step and adopted children of employees. The companies endeavour to grant assistance to all qualifying employees based on a means test.

Properties and Facilities

Sabido-Properties-logoSabido Properties

Sabido Properties is the property investment company of the Group. These assets are predominantly occupied by companies within the eMedia Holdings group of companies.




Sasani-logoSasani Africa

As a facilities company, Sasani Studios offer television and film studio hire, live broadcast facilities, HD and standard definition post-production facilities and production office rental. The company services all major television broadcasters in the country, housing the production of some of the country’s more popular soaps – Rhythm City (e.tv), Scandal! (e.tv), 7de Laan (SABC 2) and Isidingo (SABC 3).



Silverline-logoSilverline 360

Silverline 360 is a group of companies which bring world-class film, commercial and broadcast services to clients in South Africa and other parts of Africa. This includes equipment rental, post production, professional film equipment sales, extensive creative services and financing options.



e.tv is South Africa’s first and only private commercial free-to-air television channel. Launched in 1998, it broadcasts to over 80% of the South African population. The channel has established itself as a strong independent entertainment and current affairs television channel. The channel has consistently exceeded its local production licence obligations of 45%. e.tv has also become well known for its range of international content. Realising that South African audiences want to enjoy the best blockbusters, the channel often fills certain prime time slots with Hollywood films.



eSat.tv (branded eNCA) supplies television, mobile and online news to various channels in South Africa, including the 24-hour eNCA channel, currently available on DStv. The company provides live news bulletins to viewers each night on e.tv in English, on eKasi+ in Zulu (available on OpenView HD) and on kykNET through eNuus in Afrikaans (available on DStv).



Platco Digital is a free DTH satellite television platform company. Their main objective is to provide multi-channel carriage to broadcasters in South Africa. They offer the opportunity to broadcast both standard and high definition television channels. Through their OpenView HD platform, launched in October 2013, Platco offers 100% signal coverage across sub-Saharan Africa, meaning that all South Africans can access free, quality television.


Open News

Open News is a South African news channel that gives viewers up-to-date news based on the day’s top trending stories. Driven by social media, the anchors weigh in on the issues, sharing their opinions on topical issues. The channel is available exclusively on the Openview platform and through a mobile app.



YFM is the Group’s only radio asset. The station broadcasts on FM 99.2 frequency in the Gauteng region, in accordance with the terms and conditions imposed by its licence, and it is predominantly skewed towards a youth audience.




eMedia Holdings strives to remain at the forefront of media development in South Africa and provide media channels of choice for all South Africans. It seeks to build on its strengths to create multimedia, multi-channel and multi-platform businesses.

Through its various holding, eMedia Holdings seeks to entertain inform and inspire South Africans, celebrating and reflecting the uniqueness and diversity of our country.

From humble beginnings to unprecedented achievements, eMedia has pioneered a novel approach to media creation, positioning it as a market leader. Entrepreneurial and innovative, eMedia is a dynamic, visionary company which provides exceptional opportunities for growth.

eMedia’s strength is its employees. Its success is driven by their unwavering loyalty, their commitment to excellence, their willingness to persevere in the face of adversity and their steadfast belief in the future of the business. It is this spirit that is the essence of eMedia DNA.

As an organisation we value:

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Resourcefulness
  • Mutual Respect
  • Free Thinking
  • Initiative
  • Aspiration
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork
  • Sharing of expertise and skills

Our Companies


The broadcasting companies of eMedia Holdings include two of South Africa’s most well-known television channels, e.tv and eNCA. In October 2013 e.tv launched its free DTH multi-channel offering, OpenView HD through its sister company Platco.

View all our Broadcast companies.


The content companies of eMedia Holdings produce and acquire content to license and sell to third parties. Each company has carved a niche for itself in the content environment and specialises in providing the highest quality content in its respective field.

View all our Content companies.

Properties and Facilities

eMedia Holdings holds a number of property assets across South Africa, which are predominantly occupied by companies within the Group. Services offered by this segment include broadcast and television studios, post-production facilities, equipment rental and sales.

View all our Properties and Facilities.

e.tv Sabido Properties
eNCA Sasani Studios
Openview Silverline 360
Open News

Where We Come From

E Media Holdings (“eMedia Holdings”) is a JSE-listed company that owns 67.7% of E Media Investments Proprietary Limited (“eMedia Investments”) – a South African media group with holdings in a variety of broadcasting, content and production businesses. Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, eMedia Investments is owned and controlled by eMedia Holdings and Remgro Beleggings (Pty) Limited (“Remgro”).

HCI is the majority shareholder of E Media Holdings. HCI is a black economic empowerment investment company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is owned and controlled by the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (“SACTWU”). Remgro is part of international luxury goods group, Richemont.

eMedia Investments grew out of the success of South Africa’s first private commercial free-to-air broadcaster, e.tv, which is 100% owned by eMedia Investments. e.tv broadcasts an over-the-air signal to 80.5% of the South African population. e.tv was Launched in 1998 after a competitive licensing process. The demographic profile of e.tv’s audience mirrors the demographic profile of South Africa and it is the country’s second most-watched channel overall. e.tv is popular for its South African dramas, movies and daily eNews bulletins.

Following the success of the eNews bulletins on e.tv, in 2008 eMedia Investments launched eNCA, South Africa’s first 24-hour news channel. In addition to being the country’s most-popular television news channels, the eNCA stable has grown to include one of the country’s most-popular news websites – eNCA.com.

eMedia Investments also owns South Africa’s only black youth radio station, YFM, and several other media-related businesses including Cape Town Film Studios, Strika Entertainment, Jacana Media, Silverline 360, Sasani Television Studios and Platco Digital (OpenView HD). It also has a music publishing business based in Los Angeles and Cape Town, called Lalela.