The purpose of this role is to file package inserts and do live crossings on current affairs issues capatalising on journalistic and editorial experience.

1.Conducting Interviews
-Arranging and preparing for interviews.
-Briefing camera operator and interviewee timeously.
-Conducting preliminary telephonic interviews.
-Asking probing follow-up questions
-Ensuring interviews with a variety of voices.

2.Writing Scripts
-Writing scripts in line with visuals.
-Providing a shot list with all scripts.
-Checking facts with relevant stakeholders.
-Writing content for online.
-Providing video for online
Ensuring stories are accurate and unbiased.

3.Conducting Research
-Generating unique story ideas.
-Checking electronic media (wires), social media and articles of interest.
-Checking archives for specified and appropriate visuals.
-Developing own contact base to help generate story ideas.

-Breaking stories.
-Packaging content for on-air.
-Conducting live and on camera interviews that are hard-hitting and probing.
-Conducting live reports from the field ensuring accuracy and objectivity.
-Ensuring stories have depth and quality.
-Doing in-studio lives that are professional and informative.
-Providing the news desk with updates on stories.
-Adhering to story deadlines.
-Ensuring good communication with Assignments, sub-editors and news desk.

Key Performance Indicators:

1.Reporting guidelines are adhered to on a daily basis relating to all content provided for TV, on-line and social media
2.Reporter provides strong, in-depth content that is of superior journalistic quality and complies with all journalistic ethics and editorial standards
3.Reporter abides by the editorial and other company policies
4.Reporter is versatile on a range of subjects
5.Reporter is punctual
6.Reporter does thorough research


Education: Relevant National Diploma/Degree Qualification
Languages: Business English
Experience: A minimum 4 years relevant experience

Specific Professional Competencies:
-Thorough understanding of South African and global news and current affairs
-Good understanding of on-line
-Ability to report for TV
-Strong writing skills
-Planning skills
-Organising skills
-Decision-making skills
-Interpersonal skills
-Communication skills
-Coping under pressure
-Conflict handling skills
-Problem Solving Skills

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