Media Room Coordinator


Reporting to the Broadcast Logistics Manager.

The purpose of this role is to manage and control incoming and outgoing workflow.

•Liaise with service provider or feed manager e.g. with CNN and Reuters or any other.
•Liaise with Logistics, video editors, production managers and archivist

2.Material coordination
•Manage and control incoming and outgoing workflow
•Record and/or digitise material from tape (including spot and batch digitising) or router (Local and international feeds).
•Transferring of material into or out of server or from tape to tape, black and burst tapes
•Responsible for quality control of transfers and feeds
•Responsible for the correct marking of tapes/slates
•Taking decisions with regard to certain visuals and to feed information through to the bulletin editor. e.g. “breaking stories” and live events
•Keeping a structured log of all the feeds/workflow – with the correct descriptions as per ID codes
•Taking local and international feeds and digitising simultaneously if the need should arise
•Set up and coordinate incoming and out going feeds both locally and internationally
•Send daily shift reports.

Key Performance Indicators:
•All LiveU’s/ SNG’s / studio Guests, /Skype crossings /FSN crossings /Feeds via GlobeCast fiber / Feeds via Telemedia fiber are recorded onto dalet
•Check visuals are not pixelating and there is audio on the feed
•Troubleshoot with engineers or IT when necessary
•If there are not enough servers available record additional live crossings to tape
•Schedule dirty feed recordings correctly on dalet for archive purposes of:-
•eNews at 8am /eNews Direct at 1pm / eNews Direct at 8pm (Monday – Friday) at 7pm (Saturday and Sunday)
•eNuus at 7pm
•Nuusdag om 8 at 8pm
•Patch each bulletin via fiber (and if available satellite) to FCC in Cape Town 30 minutes before the start of the bulletin
•Record on dalet the 24-hour clean feed of eNCA in hour-long blocks
•Feed archive material to bureaus as per emails received as soon as your workflow allows
•Feed visuals to Reuters via GlobeCast as per email received from logistics as soon as your workflow allows.
•Ensure all pre-recordings in studio are recorded onto dalet as per the studio booking times sent via email
•Liaise with show producer to confirm correct start time
•Schedule daily sport recordings on dalet as per email sent from the Sport Department
•Record history recording of eNCA onto to tape starting at 6am and finishing with the last bulletin of the day.
•Label tapes with correct date and time of bulletin
•Hand all tapes to archives the following morning
•Prepare and send a daily shift report detailing any errors and equipment faults as occurred your shift

Education: Matric
Languages: Business English
Experience: Minimum 1 years relevant experience

Specific Professional Competencies:
•Well organised (methodical) and disciplined
•Able to work under pressure – multi task
•Able to take direction
•Able to work with crew and editorial staff
•Able to work in a digital environment
•Follow any instructions issued by the Head of Operations and or person delegated to do so. These may be standard or ad hoc instruction
•Understanding of role players
•Good Computer literacy and a good understanding of file structures
•Good understanding, written and spoken, of English language
•Able to troubleshoot
•Good knowledge of sound and video signal
•Able to work in a live and pre-record environment
•Have understanding of broadcasting environment
•Have understanding of shot descriptions
•Have an Interest in Journalism
•Understand language of television
•Knowledge of nonlinear and linear equipment – being able to record the feeds as they come through

Closing Date: 7 November 2018

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