Business Editor


Reporting to the Head Of Input.

The purpose of this role is to ensure that all matters related to business news coverage are editorially and operationally sound and aligned to the strategic direction of the Channel. Ability to provide on-air analysis

•Editorial content and judgements of all economics content is aligned to the strategy of the channel.
•Continuously driving improvements to the programme to improve audience ratings.
•Deliver a high quality of business editorial output and on-air discussion that is engaging.
•Demonstrate creativity of progamme creation and editorial approach.
•Managing the quality of on-air content holistically.
•Ensuring that all content is meticulously subbed to prevent errors.

•Team motivation
•Instill a culture of creativity
•Recruitment of staff to fill vacant posts
•Coaching and mentoring of team to promote international quality of broadcasting.
•Ongoing formal team appraisals and feedback
•Excellent knowledge of editorial and other company policies
•Excellent ability to communicate
•Apply company policies and ensure adequate headcount is available to ensure operational requirements are met.

•Lead the pre and post production meetings
•Create Compelling Business Programming
•Create unqiue content
•Request show specific content
•Create straps and on air information
•Excellent knowledge of South African and global issues
•Understanding of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission’s code of conduct
•Good understanding of legal and ethical issues with regards to television broadcasts

•Excellent understanding of newsroom and gallery workflows
•Impactful decision making, to anchor, production teams and technical crews
•Clear and authoritative communication skills
•Ability to communicate effectively with all newsroom departments, ie: Input and Logistics

Key Performance Indicators:
•Programme ratings meet or exceed the average monthly audience ratings of the Channel.
•Provide compelling content that differentiate the show from other programmes.
•Decisive leadership by making difficult editorial calls and defending them.
•Ability to direct the team in a breaking news environment


Education: Relevant Television Qualification/Relevant Management Qualification (beneficial)
Languages: Business English
Experience: Minimum 8 years relevant experience, including local and international exposure.

Specific Professional Competencies:
•Business acumen
•Leading people
•Building relationships
•Results driven
•Leading change
•Problem solving skills
•Planning skills
•Organising skills
•Change management skills
•Decision-making skills
•Interpersonal skills
•Coaching skills
•Communication skills
•Presentation skills
•Facilitation skills
•Coping under pressure
•Conflict handling skills

Closing date: 15 January 2019

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